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Learn the fundamentals of franchising with Business Franchise Magazine. New Zealand is the most franchised country in the world, per capita, contributing approximately $27.6 billion to the economy.

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CGB Publishing has more than 30 years of experience in providing reliable and credible business advice and information for people on their franchising journey.

CGB Publishing is a leading publisher of business franchise publications globally, including America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Publications include Franchise USA, Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand, Canadian Franchise, The Franchisor, The Franchise Guide, and Australia and New Zealand Business Franchise Directory.

Business Franchise Magazine understands the importance of franchising and its powerful influence to recharge the economy.

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Business Franchise magazine offers the best Franchise Finder, latest news, expert advice, and franchise information from franchise systems in available New Zealand. Find the best franchise opportunities from franchise systems in New Zealand in our Franchise Finder and Franchise Directory. Learn about buying a franchise in New Zealand by exploring our Expert Advice. Keep up to date on franchising in New Zealand by reading our Latest News.

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